Jack Kenner, Photographer


Take a closer look at Jack Kenner…

Memphis native Jack Kenner carries many titles: internationally acclaimed photographer, award-winning filmmaker, author, conservationist, dog wrangler, educator and many more. But the result of his craft behind the lens can be described in just one word: unmistakable.

The storytelling. His images and film, shot from his unique perspective. And his consistent and profound “up-close” approach.  

Having discovered his passion for photography at an early age, Kenner graduated from East High School and went on to earn his B.A. in Film from Memphis State University and a B.A. in Industrial-Scientific Photography from Brooks Institute of Photography in Santa Barbara, CA.  His journeys would then take him to New York, where he honed his craft under renowned photographers Pete Turner, Stephen Wilkes and Shig Ikeda. 

Challenged by a Life magazine editor in 1982 to “get in closer” to his subjects, Kenner fine-tuned his point of view. The lens became his magnifying glass, as he developed a unique style utilizing dark backgrounds, vivid, intense colors and shallow depth of field.   His fine art photographic approach, coupled with classic portrait creative devises, have resulted in an international reputation for compositional talents and eye for detail.

Tiring of urban bustle in the mid 80’s, Kenner returned to his hometown for a visit. That visit would soon turn into a permanent one, with Memphis being a fortunate beneficiary. His professional work has ranged from commercial photography in the advertising and corporate space, to shooting wildlife and endangered species all over the globe for the creation of exhibits, poster collections and film productions. Kenner exhibited for three years at Nikon House: Rockefeller Center in 1995, and the publications of his image collection, Take a Closer Look, launched the public’s awareness of his work and continues to appear on shelves of photography and wildlife lovers worldwide. In addition, his images have been published in Time, USA Today, American Photo, and Tennessee Illustrated.

A lifelong wildlife preservationist, Kenner’s eye is now focused on teaching the art of photography, with an emphasis on conservation and protection of endangered species, on the continent of Africa.   In 2015, he journeyed with middle school students and their parents to a teaching camp in South Africa. There, he exposed his adventurers to eco-oriented stewardship, wildlife behavior and cultural awareness, all woven into the creative development experience of learning fine art photography.  For adult groups, Kenner builds customized photographic safari experiences, applying his vast experience, knowledge and resources to locate the most experienced guides and image opportunities.  

For more information contact Jack Kenner at:

(901) 722-8877,  jack@jackkenner.com