Dogs I've Nosed
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Jack's photos never cease to amaze me!

Picture: Atlas & Athena

To call Jack Kenner a “pet photographer” would be like calling Jerry Seinfeld a sitcom actor—it’s true, but there is a
lot more to the story.

We won first place for best cover! Thanks for the beautiful photo.

Animal Fair Magazine
Brian Groppe - Art Director
Memphis Magazine
Erol Denizkurt - Naples, FL


Memphis native Jack Kenner carries many titles: internationally acclaimed photographer, award-winning filmmaker, author, conservationist, dog wrangler, educator and many more. But the result of his craft behind the lens can be described in just one word: unmistakable.

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Walnut trees in winter in Arkansas delta.
Jack Kenner Chetah cub in Africa
Jack Kenner detail abstract from Maine, USA.
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