Clara & Bill, Tennessee

We thoroughly enjoyed working with you, too. Still amazed how you got the lighting, etc. to work out so perfectly in the photos of our pups. We are so proud of the canvases and keep showing them off to everyone. We could not be more pleased. Thank you so much. We will be checking your website. Keep us posted on your Moscow project!

Debbie, Tennessee

If you don’t like wearing tan, hiking boots, open-aired jeeps, trekking to a den of African wild dog puppies, canoeing next to hippos, showering under the stars listening to lions and elephants, then this might not be the trip for you. For me, though, Africa is the perfect canvas. I wanted to learn photography from a wildlife photographer and had a passion to experience raw nature in the cradle of Creation.  I witnessed some of the most beautiful sunsets and sunrises, had Africa’s most experienced guides lead me to wild animals in their natural habitats on my photography safari with Jack. It was real Africa, I loved it.  And, I have fantastic photographs!

Lynn, Florida

I had been a mental traveler to Africa most of my life, and finally went there in 2005.  However, I came home with great memories and lousy snapshots.  When learning of Jack Kenner’s concept for his trips, I knew it was the right African trip for me.  We had lessons at our local zoo, I learned more about using my camera, how to photograph wildlife, moving and setting up quickly, and reacting to light changes so images were not missed.  While on bush drives we practiced skills and in the afternoons Jack could critique results.  This time, I came home with fabulous photographic trophies. 

Sara, Virginia

"The trip to Botswana and Zimbabwe that my children and I took with Jack was amazing. Although no one in our family had really ever picked up a camera, with his simple instruction and daily mentoring we were all immediately taking absolutely incredible pictures. We returned with great memories and gorgeous images from our trip.  I understand now, from comparing our experiences in Africa to those of my friends, that we were expertly guided into places close to wildlife that most travelers never venture into. The guides, locations and instruction truly matter there, and made all the difference on our trip."

Erol, Florida

I had the great opportunity to work with Jack as his Dog Wrangler on his third book Dog's I've Nosed from here to Naples. From the minute I set foot on our first location "Atlas & Athena" I knew he had an eye that most photographers only wish they had. He never stops impressing me with the quality and body of work he is able to achieve. He is not only a talented professional with tireless energy but also happens to be an incredibly humble guy who always makes you feel like part of his team. I am very lucky to be able to now call him a great friend.

Kim, Florida

Just wanted to thank you again for what has been our third photo shoot of my precious doxies😊  You and your photography are absolutely amazing. I am very appreciative of the time and care you always put in to get the perfect image and personality of my pups😊 Safe travels home and in your upcoming travels to Africa.

Andi, Tennessee

I am so completely in love with the pictures of Huey. Just speechless. I was not expecting prints - let alone big beautiful prints! Thank you so much!!

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