4 Memphis Magazine April 2016 article (go to page 72-73) about Jack Kenner and his Trophies Through the Lens photography safaris as an alternative to big game hunting in Africa.

A Photographer's Pet Project - Is it the animal magnetism?

by Cindy Wolff

April 03, 2005

A Photographer's Pet Project - Is it the animal magnetism? Clients can't wait to get thier paws on these prints! Photographer Jack Kenner can round up exotic green and red frogs and get them to dangle from a tree limb like a bug-eyed chorus line. But he couldn't get Romeo a 117 pound German sit still.

by Michael Finger

During a career that has taken him around the globe, photographer Jack Kenner has aimed his camera at deadly snakes, snarling lions and charging rhinos. But the only animal that acutally attacked him was a French poodle in Memphis.

RSVP Magazine (go to Page 31) to read all about Jack Kenner's Wild Safari. New adventures await as Jack has ongoing expeditions that are being scheduled each year. Whether it is a Safari in Africa or an eco-adventure in Costa Rica, Jack teaches his group of adventurers how to take amazing pictures of animals in their native environment.

The Naples News spotlights Jack Kenner's Dog's I've Nosed from here to Naples, his 3rd book of dog photography. The 166 page book features colored photos of more than 100 Naples, FL dogs.

There is a rhino poached every 7.5 hours. Why? Because rhino horn is worth more than gold. It's time we stop the band aids and educate the Asian people that rhino horn is nothing more than keritin, the make up of our toenails and hair. Stop the demand and save the rhino. If you want to know what you can do contact Jack before it's too late.

Jack Kenner, who used to make photo trips to Africa in the late 1980s, has launched African photo safari tours with   Intrepid Expeditions. Jack is best known for his dog photography and his Dog's I've Nosed book series. Jack will take adventurers to South Africa, Botswana, Zimbawe, Kenya, Tanzania and Rwanda in hopes to bring the best nature images to your lens for your trophies.

Memphis Magazine winner best cover of the Green Eyeshade Awards. Horseshoe Lake, Arkansas, a place apart. Photo by Jack Kenner & Magazine Design by Brian Groppe.

Did you know that Jack's father owned a recording studio and turned down Elvis Presley but did manage to teach dancing to Priscilla Presley in the family den! Find out how these events taught Jack life lessons that helped make him a successful photographer.

by The Commercial Appeal - Memphis part of the USA Today Network

December 10, 2015

Photography Exhibit from Africa. The show contains images taken on a recent Photographic Safari in Africa. Presented by Frame Corner, Inc. 5056 Park Ave. | Eastgate Memphis, TN 38117

August 11, 2016

Pet Projects is an article which profiles 4 of Naples, Florida's most prolific pet artists. "Using a range of styles, from oil painting to collage, these artists are able to tap into an animal’s essence in ways that uplift their owners for many years to come."

June 28, 2017

Read this wonderful June 2017 article featured on about Jack Kenner and his "barktastick" work!!!

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