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Also available in the Gallery is the work of:
• Stephen Wilkes- New York
• Jay Meisel- New York
• Ernest C. Withers
• Shig Ikeda
• Lucien Clergue

Shig Ikeda

Lucien Clergue

Under constant demand, Jack Kenner is presently traveling on numerous assignments, so the gallery is open by appointment only.

This summer, Jack Kenner will be offering weekend workshops. People interested in the workshops should call the studio for the schedule of the planned activities.

The Gallery, located at 2094 Court Avenue in Memphis, is open for special occasions and by appointment only.

For additional information on our up coming workshops and shows, contact us at 901-722-8877.

Meet Jack Kenner

It has been said, To look at Jack Kenner's work is to peer through a magnifying glass at the world. Kenner's passion for detail permeates each of his photographs. From the intricacies of nature to architectural forms, from the unpredictable outdoors to the controlled environment of the studio, Kenner's up-close style utilizing dark backgrounds,vivid, intense colors, and shallow depth of field has earned him an international reputation for his compositional talents and eye for detail.

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Take a Closer Look at exotic wild life of our planet as photographer, Jack Kenner shares images he took while on safari in Kenya, Africa and around the world. Experience wildlife close-up, through the eyes of Jack Kenner, purchase his book today ($10). Call 901/722.8877 or e-mail

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